My Name is Doggie

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Hello world, my name is Doggie.  I am a 5 1/2 year old Yorkie and have been a tripawd for a few months.  Some months before, I broke my right front leg running down the stairs in my house.  Even though I have used those stairs hundreds of times, I guess I stepped wrong.  Anyway, I live with Bob, Karen, and my best friend TC, who is also a Yorkies.  The vet first tried a cast, and after a few weeks, I was not healing.  Then I saw a veterinary surgeon, and he operated and fixed my bone with screws and a plate.  Sadly, that surgery failed and I had to go to a big university veterinary teaching hospital for orthopedic surgery.  That was a big deal with a bone graft and all the stuff you would expect in human orthopedic surgery. Another surgery was necessary after that, and a few weeks after that the bone still did not heal.  The only choice then was an amputation.  Bob took it pretty hard, but he did feel good about giving me every chance to heal; and that is when the surgeon reminded Bob that this was the reason dogs are born with a spare leg.  She also recommended the Tripawds web site.  I, on the other hand, took it in stride. In fact, after all that medical and surgical care, I was very popular with the docs and staff at the big hospital.  They said I had a great attitude and was very brave.  I was running down the halls 2 days after my amputation.  I do all the things I did before, and TC and I play and fight just like we did before.  I just hop. Gotta run.

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